Ince & Elton (Cheshire)

Sights and places of interest

Enrich your day out to Ince & Elton (Cheshire) by visiting or looking out for:

  • Moated site, fishpond and connnecting channel, Elton
  • Ince Manor monastic grange and fishpond
  • Roman fortlet at Ince, 150m north east of Hall Farm

Planning your journey

Facilities at Ince & Elton (Cheshire) station

General facilities at Ince & Elton (Cheshire) station
Facility Available
Car Park Monday To Friday - 24 Hours
Saturday - 24 Hours
Sunday - 24 Hours
Cycle Storage 0 spaces

Baby Change
Staffing unstaffed
Waiting Room
Seated Area Yes.
ATM Machine
Tourist Information

Accessible travel

Accessible facilities at Ince & Elton (Cheshire) station
Facility Available
Staff Help Available
Impaired Mobility Set Down No designated area is provided. The station front may be used for set down purposes.
Ramp For Train Access Yes.
Step Free Access Category B station, please note there are no tactile pavings at this station - Level access from car park at front of station onto Helsby platform. From this platform, to reach the Ellesmere Port platform, turn left, go down the platform end ramp, and providing the crossing warning lights indicate that it is safe, cross the lines using the foot crossing and then up the platform end ramp.
Wheelchairs Available
National Key Toilets
Induction Loop
Accessible Taxis
Accessible Ticket Machines
Height Adjusted Ticket Office Counter
Nearest Stations With More Facilities
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