The area around Leigh-On-Sea is renowned for food and drink and monarchy and is famous for its fishing and cockling fleets today.

Sights and places of interest

Enrich your day out to Leigh-On-Sea by visiting or looking out for:

  • The Cutlass Stone
  • Cranfield's Curiosity Cabinet
  • Hadleigh Castle: an enclosure castle and an associated dam and mill
  • Hadleigh Castle
  • Roman fort (near Hadleigh)

Planning your journey

Facilities at Leigh-On-Sea station

General facilities at Leigh-on-Sea station
Facility Available
Car Park Monday To Sunday - 24 Hours
Monday To Friday - 24 Hours
Saturday - 24 Hours
Sunday - 24 Hours
Cycle Storage 104 spaces

Toilets Yes.
The toilets are located on Platforms 1 & 2.
The National key toilet is located on the Main Concourse beside the Ticket Office; these toilets are operated by a RADAR key.
Baby Change Yes.
Staffing Part Time
Waiting Room
Seated Area Yes.
ATM Machine Yes.
Tourist Information

Accessible travel

Accessible facilities at Leigh-on-Sea station
Facility Available
Staff Help Available Monday To Friday - 06:00-21:00
Impaired Mobility Set Down Yes.
Outside front of station
Ramp For Train Access Yes.
Step Free Access Lifts are available to all platforms 
Wheelchairs Available
National Key Toilets Yes.
Toilet is on main concourse beside the ticket office. This can be accessed using a radar key.
Induction Loop
Accessible Taxis
Accessible Ticket Machines Yes.
Height Adjusted Ticket Office Counter Customer Service Staff
Nearest Stations With More Facilities
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