Mrigadayavan Palace

Mrigadayavan Palace

Unfortunately you can’t see Mrigadayavan Palace from the Thai Southern Line, but its worth a mention anyway.

There are about 50 palaces in Thailand. The Grand Palace is the main residence, and most of the other 19 palaces used by the king and other members of the royal family are in Bangkok. But this stretch of coast has been favoured by Thai kings for its beauty and proximity to Bangkok, particularly after this railway line opened.

King Rama VI – the son of Chulalongkorn – built the Mrigadyavan Palace in 1924 after his physician advised a sojourn to a warm and airy seaside climate to alleviate his rheumatoid arthritis.

He wanted it to be humble. 16 buildings are built entirely of teak on stilts in a single floor plantation style. It allows sea breezes in during the day, and mountain winds to waft through at night. He lived in it only 5 months before he died. His son built his own summertime residence, the Klai Kangwon Palace, just 12 kilometres to the south.

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