Get the Window Seater app

Screenshots from the Window Seater app.

Get your free audio guide for rail travel in the UK with the Window Seater app.

Window Seater’s app delivers stories about places you’re passing on the train. It tracks your location, notifies you of a nearby story, and lets you listen to the content, and explore nearby experiences.

System requirements on iOS and Android

The Window Seater app works well on iOS and Android devices only when:

  • Location services / tracking is turned on “all the time”
  • Notifications are allowed, including in the background
  • 4G mobile data is on (we don’t recommend depending on train WiFi)

Feedback wanted

We’d love your feedback! This type of service has never been done before at this scale in rail and in Europe. We won’t have everything right yet, so your patience is appreciated and ideas most welcome.

~ For the travellers ~