Sights and places of interest

Enrich your day out to Aldrington by visiting or looking out for:

  • Hove
  • The Goldstone
  • 'Fingermaze'
  • Everest's Grave
  • Victorian Seaside Shelters
  • Armada Beacon
  • The Booth Museum of Natural History
  • Portslade ‚ÄòGassie‚Äô
  • The Regency Town House
  • Waterloo Street Arch and Gardens

Planning your journey

Facilities at Aldrington station

General facilities at Aldrington station
Facility Available
Car Park
Cycle Storage 8 spaces

Baby Change
Staffing unstaffed
Waiting Room
Seated Area Yes.
ATM Machine
Tourist Information

Accessible travel

Accessible facilities at Aldrington station
Facility Available
Staff Help Available Yes.
It is not possible to provide level access between train and platform at this station owing to a narrow platform which prevents the use of a ramp.

Impaired Mobility Set Down Whilst there is no dedicated area, there is ample space for impaired mobility set down / pick up in Mortimer Road
Ramp For Train Access
Step Free Access This is a Category C station: This station does not have step-free access. This station doesn't have tactile surfaces along all platform edges. Please pay attention to where the platform surface changes from smooth to paved or contact us for assistance.
Wheelchairs Available
National Key Toilets No
Induction Loop
Accessible Taxis
Accessible Ticket Machines Yes.
All Southern ticket machines are able to sell tickets with Disabled Persons Railcard discounts. Ticket machines are of an accessible design, however their location and the station itself may not be so please check the station access note for further details
Height Adjusted Ticket Office Counter
Nearest Stations With More Facilities
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