Nam Tok Station

Nam Tok Station

Nam Tok is where the train stops to go back to Bangkok. If you’re looking to explore Hellfire Pass, jump off here, and keep going another 22 kilometres upriver. The main road should be downhill only a hundred metres or so, and turning right there on route 323 will get you there. We’ve left a Blip there for you.

Up and over the hill is Erawan National Park, and across the river is Sai Yok National Park. Both are vast natural areas with some of the most abundant floura and fauna you’re likely to find in Thailand.

If you haven’t pre-arranged transport, you should find taxi drivers or tour operators not too hard to find on most days, either at the station, or down on the main road.

If it has rained recently, you might want to check out the Sai Yok Nai Waterfall, which is about a kilometre further up the old track. You may need to go downhill to the main road and head to the right.

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