Lake Boraphet

Lake Boraphet

Lake Boraphet is a large freshwater wetlands. Originally a swamp, it was flooded in 1930 to improve fishing. Since then it became home to a huge diversity of species, and an important nesting and breeding ground for birds and fish.

This is the only known habitat for the White-Eyed River Martin, which hasn’t been seen since 1980, and may well be extinct. But nevertheless, when you’re passing through this area, keep an eye out for a bird that looks like a black swallow, with white areas around the eye, a white section on its rump, and a tail with two extended tail feathers of an elongated racket shape. Getting a photo of it would be a big deal.

The lake has an abundant population of crocodiles, so keep an eye out for the tops of their heads and torsos as they float on the water, or perhaps bask on the banks.

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