Ancient Chan Sen

Ancient Chan Sen

Chan Sen, although not a destination in its own right, is an ancient city set up about 1,000 years ago, but which has had human settlement for a few thousand years more.

It is curious that the founders chose to build a city there, as there is no obvious advantages in terms of defence or trade. It was perhaps the fertility of the surrounding land, and the existing small village that warranted the increased investment: It was built upon an earth mound surrounded by a moat, amidst an otherwise waterlogged valley.

Although the moat was said to be square in shape – as was the custom in city planning in the region, but the traces found today seems to have become strangely circular over the years. It is this moat that brought Chansen to the attention of archeologists, but only as late as 1966 when aerial photography was being perfected. Archealogical digs ensued.

The Chan Sen museum in the Chan Sen Temple was set up by a late abbot. Its collection is contained in an attractive circular Chedi and contains a bunch of artefacts excavated in various digs of the site in the late 1960s. Its open on weekends, and can be opened during the weekdays by asking at the temple.

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