Electricity in Thailand

Electricity in Thailand

You may see some of the energy infrastructure of Thailand on your journey.

About 60% of the country’s electricity is generated through natural gas, and an additional 20% by coal. So Thailand is not a very green country, and although experts at the World Wildlife Fund calculate that Thailand could be 100% renewable by 2050 from a combination of solar, wind, biogas and hydro, the Thai government doesn’t seem to be that interested in that sort of thing. Whats more, with the climate getting warmer, the energy demands from air conditioning big cities like Bangkok is going to put more strain on energy generation.

The good news is that renewable energy is making inroads in Thailand. Unfortunately, the government has been promoting the production of biomass energy by way of biodeisel from oil palm, the mass cultivation of which is one of the greatest causes of biodiversity loss in Southeast Asia.

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