Hatwanakorn National Park

Hatwanakorn National Park

Hatwanakorn is the newest National Park in Thailand. If you’re looking for a pristine Thai beach, this is it.

The long, flat, coastal national park is kinda special in Thailand. Most national parks cling to rocky, jungly outcrops – land which nobody knows what else to do with.

Hatwanakorn is an 8 km long oblong of land that sits on the coast and goes almost 4km inland. The 8km long beach is apparently fabulously pristene, and from the inland edge of the park is only 4 more kilometres of Thailand before a rapid ascent into hills, the top of which is Myanmar.

Apart from our train, which chugs right through the middle of the park, there is nothing there but natural forests, nature walks, and camping. Remarkable. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, there’s also a seemingly deserted island about 7km off the beach.

So if you feel like getting away from it all in a country where its not always easy, jump off at the next station. You’re also just a short car ride to the Mawdaung pass which goes into Myanmar. Its not a very popular border, but you can try your luck (last time I checked, you needed a pre-arranged visa, but I don’t want to dissuade you in case that information is out of date).

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