Medical Tourism in Thailand

Medical Tourism in Thailand

There are so many quality hospitals throughout Thailand. Aside from catering to the local population, the medical industry in Thailand has been riding a boom from medical tourism. High healthcare costs, long waiting lists, and an ageing population in developed countries have contributed to an explosion of medical tourism to lower-cost destinations like Thailand in the past decade.

But given Thailand’s reputation for friendly and attentive service, the number of international flights servicing Bangkok, relaxed visa policies, and reasonably priced resorts to rest and heal, it is easy to see why Bangkok is Asia’s medical tourism hub.

The better hospitals are on par with some of the best hospitals the world over. The most popular treatments include dental work, dermatology and cosmetic surgery. Or if for example you wanted to get a hip replaced, out-of-pocket expenses would be around half that of the US, and the savings would more than make up for the airfares, plus a bit more healing time laying by a pool.

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