The town of Photharam has a few sites of note:

The first is Wat Khao Chong Pran, otherwise known as the Bat Temple. Every evening as the sun goes down, millions of bats pour out of a cave in a giant stream of screeches running a gauntlet of predatory birds. The cave itself now contains a shrine, but is hard to get to due to the overwhealming smell of ammonia. You can also climb the hill to get a great view of the whole spectacle, and that of the sunset too. If you’re passing it at the right time, look out to the west for it.

The only other interesting place in Photharam would be the Suntree Land of Dolls. Its kind of a museum of dolls, but without so much of a historic or cultural point. If you’re a lover of dolls and stuffed toys, you’d be in luck. For everyone else, its just creepy as heck.

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